Pension Release

Under normal circumstances it’s possible for a person who is coming to retirement to release 25% from their pension fund by way of a tax free lump sum.

We on the other-hand can help you to release some cash before you are aged 55. In the majority of instances we are able to help you to release up to 85% of your fund.

You may be able to release this cash from any UK private or company pension. Even pension plans you stopped paying into years ago.

As specialists providers of a pension release service, we are well placed to offer you the best route for your own circumstances. By using us you will benefit from:

  • There will be no interest charges
  • No proof of income is required
  • There are no age restrictions
  • There will be no credit scoring or credit searches
  • There will be no monthly repayments you must have to make


How Do We Do Pension Releasing?

There is a common understanding that by releasing your pension you will be hit with a tax bill as high as 55% of the pension fund, some people even think this is illegal. These points are in fact a misunderstanding.

Under the laws for pension, it is possible for you to restructure your pension to gain full control over the use and investment of up to 85% of its transfer value tax free for you to use for any purpose you wish.

It is worth us mentioning however that this scheme is not called “Pension Liberation”. Indeed, beware of adverts claiming to be able to “cash in” your pension, release value from it or worse still give you a loan against its value.

This service is provided by PPR Limited, which is a UK company that offers a facilitating tax strategy service for individuals and businesses all over the World. This enables them to protect from tax your estates, incomes, profits, assets, investments and pensions wherever you may be a resident or domiciled.


The Pension Release Process In More Detail

The pension restructuring service that PPR Ltd provides is via an Umbrella Pension Trust.

An Umbrella Pension Trust is where we would take an existing pension plan and transfer it using the standard Pension Transfer legislation.

We do not provide any financial services regulated advice on any aspect of the process whatsoever this is provided by the Trust’s implementation team who possess all the necessary qualifications.

The Pension Regulator’s warning does NOT apply to the Umbrella Pension Trust.

You can get more information on this process by completing the form on the right.  Once we receive your details, a member of our experienced pension restructuring team will be in touch with the best offer for your own circumstances.