Pensions Explained

A UK pension is designed to provide the pension holder an income upon retirement.

The good news is that we are living longer!

So, very often we are living well beyond our retirement.

The not so good news is that in the future it is unlikely that the state will be able to fully support a far higher proportion of the population as pensioners.

The answer is good pension planning for everyone and it’s more important than ever. provides information about understanding your state pension, including stakeholder and graduated pension benefits.

We also provide information and help about the benefits of setting up a personal pension or self invested personal pension, SIPP, and also provide a service where you can use our simple enquiry form to start your pension planning.

Company Pensions

If you have been in a company pension or have past occupational pension scheme and are not sure what to do, our specialist advisers can guide you through the process of pension transfer so that you can control your own pension fund in a section 32, SIPP or personal pension.

Your Pension Fund

Many of us have set up a pension or pensions over the years and have not reviewed thepension fund, fund performance or plan charges, over the past few years the charges of pension plans have reduced significantly so it is well worthwhile using the review service to see if your pension is on target to provide a strong retirement income.

In addition, if you are separating and pension sharing with your former partner, there is information on the site about pensions and divorce and again how to set up a new plan with your share of the pension fund.

When nearing retirement deciding on your tax free cash and how you draw your pension benefits is very important, you can find annuity and impaired annuity information along with details on drawdown and phased drawdown alternatives.

Pension alternatives

There are various pension calculator tools apart from detail on many pension alternatives, but if at any stage you need help, we suggest you complete the quick enquiry form for expert help and guidance.

Good Pension Planning

Good pension planning is very important we hope this site provides the guidance that you need for your pension and a comfortable retirement.