Personal Pensions for Employers

As an employer, if you have five or more staff working for you or your company, you are bound by law to provide your staff with a pension scheme.

One option is to make payments into an individual personal pension scheme on behalf of your employee.

Pension providers will set up individual pension schemes for each of your staff members and your company may make contributions into the policy (this can then be deducted from their salary if you wish).

They then `own’ the policy and make the investment decisions and if they leave the company, your payments would cease but the employees (or their new employers) may then continue to make payments, provided they are still eligible.

Though a pension must be offered by an employer, the employee has the choice whether they wish to use it.

Although personal pensions have been very popular with employers, many now are offering their staff stakeholder pensions because of the increased flexibility of contributions and low cost advantages.